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X1000 3d printer - Industrial large scale 3d printer by German RapRap

  types of industrial washing machine


1. Professinal High quality

2. Industrial washing machine of factory price

3. CE, ISO

4. Fully s/s



industrial washing machine wholesalers  adopting unique fully suspension shock absorber structure and frequency inverter drive to reduce the vibration of the machine and improve the stability of the machine running, which makes the machine long life.


The drum adopts high quality stainless steel welded together.  The panel adopts high quality stainless steel drawplates. washing machine of factory price has got CE, ISO, its material use fully S/S, stainless steel .chamber adopts spraying zinc processing.and key components adopts imported brand products and national premium brands.


Multiple sealing system,  oil sealing ,  water sealing,  stainless steel sealing.

Safety door interlock system can protect staff safety.     industrial washing machine prices can be мейд into many specifications.pls contact us for details. .

industrial washing machine specification



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